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"Federal Research Centre The Southern Scientific Centre of the Russian Academy of Sciences"
Editorial board

Editorial board

Editorial board
Maxim V. Nabozhenko (editor in chief) (Institute of Arid Zones SSC RAS)
Yury G. Arzanov  (Institute of Arid Zones SSC RAS)
Igor V. Shokhin (Institute of Arid zones SSC RAS)
Boris V. Stradomsky (Institute of Arid Zones SSC RAS)
Victor A. Krivokhatsky (Zoological Institute RAS)
Alexey Yu. Solodovnikov (Natural History Museum of Denmark, University of Copenhagen)
Dmitry A. Dubovikoff (St.-Petersburg State University)
Mikhail E. Cherniakhovsky (Moscow State Pedagogical University)
Kirill V. Makarov (Moscow State Pedagogical University)
Kirill G. Mikhailov (Zoological Museum of Moscow State University)
Vladimir I. Lantsov (Institute of Ecology of the Mountain Territories KBSC RAS)
Issuing editor, proofreader:
Svetlana V. Nabozhenko