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Ethics of the journal

Ethics of the journal

Ethics of the Journal “Vestnik Yuzhnogo Nauchnogo Tsentra”
Responsibility of the Editorial Board:
1. The editors are responsible for making decisions on the submitted manuscripts (MS). Criteria for publication: the scientific value and novelty of papers and its conformity with the scope of the journal. Editors consider the manuscript regardless of gender, race, sexual orientation, ethical, religious and political beliefs, nationality, etc. of the authors.
2. The Editorial Board of "Nauka Yuga Rossii" [Science of the South of Russia]takes previously unpublished manuscripts presenting original research or detailed thematic review. In case of submitting a previously published work, repeating results of the pending manuscript for more than 50%, the editorial board reserves the right to refuse to publish a MS.
3. The journal’s editors should not impose authors the citing of papers published in "Nauka Yuga Rossii" [Science of the South of Russia] in order to artificially improve scientometric indicators of the journal.
4. The Editorial Board ensures that submitted MS will be peer-reviewed by anonymous independent reviewers.
Responsibility of authors:
1. Authors are responsible for the content of the MS. Only original scientific data should be used in MS. In case of borrowing materials from other researchers the correct reference or citation should be made.
2. Authors guarantee that submitted MS have not been previously published nor simultaneously submitted to another journal.
3. Authors should arrange MS in accordance with the rules of the journal. Otherwise, the Editorial Board reserves the right to reject the MS.
Responsibility of reviewers:
1. Expertise must be objective. The reviewer should immediately inform the Editorial Board about any conflict of interests (self-interest, personal animosity, financial or scientific conflicts, etc).
2. Reviewers are required to remain confidential and not to disclose information about the MS received for a review to an unauthorized person.